The Ideas That Drive Us

Whole Person

Your child is not a vessel to be filled, but rather a complete person who is wonderfully made with an innate desire to learn and infinite potential. By viewing a child in this way, we work to remove any obstruction to that natural desire, and provide inspiration through knowledge.


The perfect learning atmosphere and environment is marked by peace and order. Structure and habits must be in place for the next layer of learning to begin. While still being fully allowed to operate in the fullness of their youth, teachers walk alongside your child helping them form sixteen academic and moral habits that will serve them for a lifetime. “Train up a child in the way he should go and it will not depart from him.” Prov. 22:6

Love of Learning

The love of learning is believed to be an innate part of each child. Every person enters the world with a bright-eyed curiosity and a deep desire to know. We believe it is a school’s job to fuel this with great ideas presented in profound works of literature, art, music, observation, the sciences, and relationship. Traditional systems of education leave little room for curiosity.

Lifetime Contributors

You child’s education is pursued with fullness of life in mind. This means Ambleside not only prepares your child for college and a rich vocational life, but also forms them to become excellent friends, spouses, givers and members in any community.


It’s at the heart of everything we do. We believe all truth comes through relationship. Ambleside students develop a grounded understanding of their place because, to us, education is cultivating rewarding relationships with God, Self, Others and Creation.


Knowledge is not just information - facts and figures to memorize for a test. Knowledge leads to ideas which inform us of the greater world that God has created. Ideas serve the mind like food serves the body. It’s important to know information, like when the Declaration of Independence was signed. But curiosity is driven by the ideas surrounding this information, such as the meaning of Liberty, Justice and Freedom.

Role of Parents

Education should be a collaborative effort between teacher and parent, it is essential to providing the fertile soil for life-long growth. Families are a vital part of our existence.

Role of Teachers

Teachers are highly trained in a methodology that channels their leadership to continually fuel a child’s growth. They are role models in the habits they have developed and their continued love of learning. This enables them to avoid elements which may stifle a child’s curiosity while simultaneously allowing them to cultivate your children with excellent habits, rich books, and powerful ideas.

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