Real Stories

The names of the following are fictitious as a courtesy to our families, however the story is a truthful account.

Kathrine has a couple of sons.

They are vivacious, curious and apt to find a bit of rambunctious trouble wherever they are. They are good kids and dearly loved by their mother. Years before they became school-aged, she had researched the schooling options in Fredericksburg, Texas and the surrounding area. At that time she didn’t fully understand what the needs of her children might be, but she knew Ambleside was different in some way. She wasn’t fully confident how she might navigate these waters when the time came. There are so many options and so much responsibility to the lives of these children. How could she put them in a place that wouldn’t ruin them?

A friend of hers once said, “If I’m giving up the best hours of my child’s day to a school, it better be worth it.”

The time came for the boys to go to school. The decision, which was so eminent, reached her doorstep.

She began scheduling meetings at schools, Ambleside among them.

Her impression was forming as she walked to the front door of the building, she soon connected with the atmosphere of the place. It was Beautiful. Her first interaction was a smiling one with the relational Head of School. He walked her through the guiding philosophy, the emphasis on developing relationships, habits, and a curious mind. He walked beside her through the halls and into living classrooms, awake with attentive faces. She wanted to see more.

“It’s obvious that the inside of the place is what matters,” she later remarked.

On a second visit she brought her boys. They walked and talked their way through the halls as they met teachers, peers and the Head of School. An older student stopped and asked them questions, wanting to make them feel welcome. The atmosphere suited them. There was something more. Something good. Today she describes it as, “Feeling warmth, Integrity, Love.”

Kathrine and her two sons enrolled.

One year later she feels, “Like a better parent.” The patient environment is rubbing off on her and she feels her integral role, alongside the school, in her children’s lives. Ambleside isn’t replacing her, it’s enhancing her home. “My kids are different now. They are thoughtful of others, compassionate, emotionally aware and connected. They know how to verbalize their emotions. When they do need discipline, it’s not punitive. It’s very kind and relevant to their growth. The good boundaries lead to good habits, and my boys see how disruptions ruin the atmosphere for everyone.”

“When I pickup my boys from school they are happy, invigorated, maybe a little tired, but always eager to get back the next day. One of them told me, ‘Mom, I love school. I get to see friends and learn things other people don’t even know!”

When you visit our campus, you will meet these boys. You won’t know it’s them, but you can fancy a guess. Look for that light still gleaming in their eyes. That youthful wonder. That intrepid desire to learn, and that rough and tumble Kid nature we all expect to see digging in the dirt at recess.

If I’m giving up the best hours of my child’s day to a school, it better be worth it.