Our Perspective

When we look at a child, we see a whole person. Someone born with an innate desire to know and a curiosity that drives learning, for a lifetime. We see minds hungry for ideas. It is our job, our mission, our calling to cultivate an atmosphere best suited for your children to thrive.

While our teachers are passionate and more than capable of instructing your child, they have a strong method which guides their approach. It is in the strength of this that we maintain our consistency across the variety of personalities and backgrounds leading in the classrooms. It is also the steadying force in your child’s growth as they move upward through the grades. Subjects and certain elements of the approach shift to meet their maturity, but the core remains consistent.

As a teaching environment for educators, we believe there is none more well-suited than Ambleside. Teachers love their pupils and get to share with them in that enthusiasm for learning. The relationship between each subject and the substance within them provide just as much food for the mind of the teacher as each child. The ideas are engaging at any age. As teachers and fellow learners, it’s an invigorating place to be.

Small class sizes only enhance the engagement. Students receive far more personal attention and the atmosphere is much simpler to preserve. Visitors often remark how “peaceful” it is to walk down the halls, a subtle murmur of bright conversation seeping through the doors to each classroom. Our size also encourages children of all ages to interact daily. An 8th grader is often seen helping a preschooler to straighten a tie before chapel. Relationships grow through the intermingling of a community and so we encourage everyone to be a role model to one another.