to Feb 5

School Bulletin 1.29.19

Upcoming Events:

This weeks bulletin can be viewed here!

Thursday, January 31st: The High School will be preparing a hot dog luncheon for any students interested. Today is the deadline to make your reservation through this link. Please bring payment to the office by Friday.

Friday, February 8th, 1pm: Early Dismissal for Students at 1pm/ Teacher Inservice afternoon.

Friday, February 8th, 5pm High School offers a Movie Night in the Grove House! All ages are welcome to attend. Pizza dinner and play begins at 5pm. Showtime is at 6pm! (Choose from Swiss Family Robinson or the original Mary Poppins.) Cost is $5 per ticket, and concessions are available by donation. Parent pick up at 8:30pm.

Monday, February 11th: Re-Enrollment Begins!! Enroll by February 22nd to receive your $500 discount!


Music Club with Mrs. Acton

In the Community:

Aviation Career Day: See attached Flyer

Fbg Little League Registration: See attached for details.

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Veterans Day Chapel
to Nov 7

Veterans Day Chapel

Veterans Day Chapel is Wednesday, November 7th at 8:30am

-The ceremony will once again be held in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church, 1407 E. Main St.

-Chapel will begin at 8:30am and last approximatley 1 hour

-Students should wear performance chapel attire

-Students should arrive no later than 7:50am, at the welcome area as last year. Students will place their backpacks in a designated location, and then join their classes in the sanctuary to begin rehearsing. As we did last year, in order to keep traffic congestion to a minimum, we suggest dropping off your student at 7:50am from the Eagle St or Friendship Ln entrances, then continuing through the side parking lot to the welcome entry. Your passenger door should face the entrance! Please see the attached map for a visual of traffic flow. This will allow guests to enter and have access to the main parking area and entrance with out going through our drop-off line! See map for drop off traffic instructions!

-Please invite your friends, family, and especially any Veterans to this event! We are honored to present this Chapel event for our Veterans!

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to Oct 27


Check this Bike the Burg Dedicated page daily for more information, as new items will be posted as final details are made!


12:00pm : Shirt Order will be placed. If you would like a Bike the Burg long sleeve t-shirt, we will be selling them for $20. Sizes are Youth SML and Adult SMLXL2X. Youth shirts will be white, adults shirts will be grey Bella brand shirts. See reference. See You must place your order by noon on this date!

3:30pm : Bike the Burg non-perishable supplies due! If you signed up to bring any non-perishable supplies such as ice chests, water, tents, additional equipment etc, please bring them to campus by this date, so that they may be inventoried to ensure we have enough supplies for the event.


8:00am : Important! Perishable food items are due! As a reminder, EVERY FAMILY is asked to bring 4 dozen homemade cookies

1:00pm : Early Release, with Bike the Burg Setup also beginning at 1:00pm. If you are in need of childcare so that you can assist with setup, please notify the office asap.

3:30pm: If you signed up to assist with friday afternoon packet pick up, please arrive by 3:30pm. Pickup lasts from 4-7.


7:30am If you signed up to assist with morning registration, please arrive by 7:30am. Day-of registration begins at 8am.

Stay tuned for volunteer communication from the Committee.

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to Sep 5

Summer Reading Program

Dear all,

What a great opportunity for growth summertime brings! There is so much time for meaningful, fulfilling activities. One such activity is reading! During the school year, your child reads more books at school than many of their peers, which is a great blessing considering all the benefits of a life lived in relationship to the knowledge awaiting every reader in great books! But the extent of a child's reading habits should not begin and end at school, which is why I have put together a summer reading program to keep Ambleside students moving forward all summer long!

The program is simple:

  1. Get a great book (see attached book list)
  2. Read at least 30 minutes a day, everyday
  3. Fill out the attached Reading Log when you finish each book

Repeat Steps 1-3 over and over and over again!

Help us all achieve our goal of getting 100% participation by encouraging this reading program/habit in your family by blocking designated times for everyone to participate, including you! Before bedtime, before a mid-day nap, just before dinner, whenever it fits with your family's schedule.

If you get it, you can stop reading this email and start reading a great book, and then document books read in the attached reading log. Your child's teachers will collect the reading log on the first day of school in August, so make sure you keep up with the reading log.

For those that need further convincing...

The language gathered when reading books contributes to a person's overall ability to process language and to communicate effectively, id est be successful. For example, what social or professional position is not made better by effective communication? The doctor, the mechanic, the lawn guy, the classroom teacher, the school principal, the neighbor, the parent, or the child? All are made better by those with high levels of linguistic mastery--by those who can communicate effectively.

Here's the problem, we don't read much anymore. We read less and talk less to our children, they read less and talk less to us and to peers, therefore it is highly likely that many of them will not realize the fullness of their social potential because their communication storehouse is not as full as it could be.

This storehouse won't fill up by engaging a video game, watching a movie, texting, snap chatting, facebooking, or any number of things that aren't called reading! We live in an age when there is more information available to us than ever before and we live in an age when more people know less than ever before. That's interesting. Why? Because people are not reading and discussing books. They are not internalizing knowledge, they simply know where to get information, but don't have the capacity to keep it and make use of it.

The good news: we can change all this by reading to our children, modeling the habit of reading for our children, discussing what everyone is reading, and getting our children to develop the habit of reading books themselves - screens don't count and are harmful to the neurological development of children and people in general.

The Ambleside summer reading program will help you and your children cultivate a higher level of thought and understanding in a complicated world. It will provide a basis for children and adults to come around good thoughts, and have healthy dialogue.

To encourage one another and to assimilate the knowledge we come to own, let's share with one another the books we are reading and what ideas are permeating. Send me the title and author of the books you read this summer along with a quote that strikes you and I will post to an ongoing "What we are reading" blog post on the website.

Feel free to forward this to anyone you know that might like a good reading program/list for their children this summer.

Happy Reading,

Russ York Head of School

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Shakespeare  Festival: Thursday, May 24th, 2018
to May 24

Shakespeare Festival: Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Art thee eft f'r some most wondrous entertainment?!

The long awaited productions of Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice have arrived!! This year's Shakespeare festival will be held at Zion Lutheran Church on Thursday, May 24th, with events beginning at 4:45pm. Timeline is as follows:

4:45-5pm:Students should arrive at Zion in full costume.

4:45pm: Dinner line will open and will be servied until 6pm! (Art thee fill'd with pangs of hunger f'r some turkey legs and sausage?) Students are asked to arrive at Zion no later than 5pm, and eat promptly upon arriving so that they may finish getting ready for their productions with their classes. Sausage plates are $5, and Turkey leg plates are $8. This is a fundraiser for the High School.

6:15pm: K-2nd grade Maypole Dance and 3rd and 4th grade performance

6:30pm: 5th and 6th grade production of Hamlet

7:30pm: 7th/8th grade production of The Merchant of Venice

We very much needeth thy assistance after this spectacular performance:

Volunteers are much appreciated to assist with take-down of the stage props and equipment.

All costumes must be left at the performance, in a specified class area,

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to May 25

Summer Events

Greetings families,

Summer event flyers have begun to appear! This bulletin will be updated with new summer events thoughout the remainder of the year. Check back often for the latest!

Gillespie County Memorial Day Celebration: Join the community to honor our Service Members! See flyer for details.

Actors Wanted: A note from Tami King, Gillespie County Veterans Service Officer: In preparation for our World War I Centennial Commemoration Veterans Day Parade on Sunday November 11, 2018 at 2:00 pm, we are looking for World War 1 Re-enactors to participate in our parade and on the WWI Float. If you or someone you know is a re-enactor, please share this information with your friends and family. Please see the attached flyer for who to contact.

Fort Martin Scott Summer Camps: Experience life at the Fort! See flyer for camp details.

Jr. High Star Wars Themed Lock in: Sponsored by First Baptist on May 31st. See flyer for details and registration.

Upward Football Day Clinic: July 7th, 8am-12pm. Grades K-5. See flyer for details and registration.

Vacation Bible School: First Baptist Church. This summer is sports themed! Visit www.fbcfbg.com/vacation-bible-school for more information.

Summer Soccer Camp, ages 6-12: Free clinic, sponsored by Faith Baptist Church. See Flyer for more details.

Baylor Summer Reading Skills Programs: See flyer for details.

Yellow Door Studio Summer Art Camp! See Flyer for details!

TLU Summer Music Academy:June 24th-29th for Middle and High School students. See attached flyer for full details.

Land Navigation Course: For students and adults! Learn how to read a compass, decipher a map, find your location and direction if you become lost. etc! This course is offered through Community Education. Visit their website or call 830.997.9552 to reserve your spot. Class begins Tuesday July 10th. There will be six 1-hour meetings, with time for navigation at LBJ and Enchanted Rock.

"Friends of Lady Bird Johnson" are at work growing the game of golf in Fredericksburg by offering FREE clinics to juniors 13 & under. Starting in May, there will be 4 sessions per month on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The lessons will be taught by PGA professionals Chris Meade from Lady Bird Johnson and our very own Alex Rhyne.

Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Alex Rhyne - arhyne@bootranch.com

Chris Meade - cmeade@ladybirdgolf.com

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Jill Steenhuis Art Event
to Mar 3

Jill Steenhuis Art Event

Dear All,

You are invited to a special art event happening in Fredericksburg March 3 & 4 at the Grove House. Our friend, Jill Steenhuis, an American-born French Impressionistic painter based in the south of France will be in town. We are hosting an art show for her and she is offering an oil painting workshop as well.

Jill specializes in oil painting, lithography and watercolor; she is a Cezanne expert with the Smithsonian Institute; and, she is a talented and lovely person. We are excited to have her!

Many of you have met Jill during her last visit to Fredericksburg. This time, she is offering a one-day oil painting workshop on Saturday from 9am-4pm. Jill also offers workshops in France. Our good friend, Patty Renick, visited Jill last summer and painted with her in the south of France and had a wonderful time! The class on March 3 is limited to 12 and open to all levels of painters.

On Sunday, Jill will do a plein air demonstration at 3pm at the Grove House, followed by a wine reception with nibbles and drink provided by the newest shop in Fredericksburg, La Bergerie!

Attached is information about the workshop and the weekend show. All works are available for viewing or for purchase. 10% of the proceeds from the show will be donated to Ambleside School of Fredericksburg. Please spread the word! Grab a friend or two and come enjoy the beautiful setting of the Grove House, good food and drink and wonderful art!

For more information about Jill, visit her web site: www.artinprovence.com.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are so very excited to welcome Jill to town and we have a wonderful weekend planned! Come join us!


Julie and Leslie

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WWI Propaganda Poster Event
to Nov 4

WWI Propaganda Poster Event

  • Home of Jeff and April Laird (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

First World War Propaganda Poster Collection to Exhibit in Fredericksburg, Texas

In partnership with the Pioneer Museum, a unique collection of World War One propaganda posters will be open to the public at a special viewing on Friday November 3 from 5-8pm and Saturday, November 4, from 1-4pm at the home of Jeff and April Laird, located at 211 North Cherry in Fredericksburg, Texas.

World War One propaganda posters were designed to encourage Americans to support their troops and are full of stirring words and images of Uncle Sam, the Stars and Stripes and “our boys” in the trenches and at sea. The patriotic posters inspired Americans back home to buy bonds, conserve food and help the war effort.

At the viewing light appetizers and wine will be served. The wine will be provided by the local winery, Pontotoc Vineyard. Live patriotic music will be performed by Kerry and Ashleigh Goff, who are the directors of Freddyburg, the children’s arm of Fredericksburg Theater Company. The curator from the Pioneer Museum will be on site offering information on local participation in the war and insight into our past.

This year, 2017, marks the centenary of the USA entering World War One. The United States was initially pursuing an isolationist policy in 1914 when the war broke out between Britain, France, Italy and Russia on one side and Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Turkey on the other. On April 6, 1917, the United States officially entered the war.

The Lairds acquired their 11 propaganda posters after reading about an estate sale in England liquidating its rare collection. The original collection was owned by stock market historian and analyst David Schwartz, who took them with him when he moved from New York to England in the early 1980’s.

Please join us for this special tribute and insight into history. The viewing is free. Donations will be accepted at the door and will benefit both Ambleside School of Fredericksburg and the Pioneer Museum.

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to Nov 15


Orders forms for gingerbread are due this coming Monday, November 13th! (Though you may continue selling until we are sold out!) Please turn in order forms to the office so that we may correctly record houses sold. Also, when turning in money, make sure to label it with your name so that totals can be correctly accounted for.

Here are the instructions and order form, as well as a graphic of the houses to show potential buyers.

Dont forget--- New this year: Those who do not wish to purchase a house for themselves may opt to buy one for a family in need! These houses will be distributed by Christian Ministries and the Needs Council.

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Fill the Van Food Drive!
to Sep 26

Fill the Van Food Drive!


We have learned of a desperate need in our Fredericksburg community, and graciously ask for your assistance to make a difference!

The Needs Council is experiencing a shortage of food for their Food for Kids program, and we need your help!

Lets show our "chesed" by filling up the new Ambleside van with food!!

Please bring your food donations to school by this coming Tuesday, September 26th. We plan to take students to the Needs Council on Wednesday to deliver what we hope will be a significant donation of food!

Items needed include the following:

Tuna kits, Fruit Cups, Beanie Weenies, Applesauce, Peanut Butter – sealed individual servings, Dried Fruit, Cheese packets, Nuts, 100% Juice boxes, Trail Mix, Pudding Cups, Beef jerky, Vienna sausages, Breakfast bars, Granola Bars, Protein Bars, Shelf Stable Milk (individual servings), Crackers with cheese or peanut butter

Thank you for helping make a difference for children in our community!! Have a blessed day!

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to Sep 11

School Portraits 9.13.17

School Portraits are just over a week away! Below are all applicable forms. Please print and return to the office by Monday, September 11th. As a reminder, students should wear chapel performance attire. A clarification for the ladies: Grades K4-4th should wear knee socks with mary janes. Ladies in grades 5 through high school should wear no-show socks. Thank you!

All School/Class photos

Individual Portraits

Sibling Portraits

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Ambleside Property!
to May 31

Ambleside Property!

Ambleside is now the proud owner of 10 acres located off of Hollmig Lane! We are excited to prayerfully move forward with a beautiful campus at this site, one which will allow students to learn and grow surounded by the beauty of nature!

So, take a short drive down Hollmig and check out the beautiful property!

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to May 22

Parent /Teacher Conferences: May 22nd

We are going to release the reports of growth to you as planned on May 19, but will move the follow-up parent/teacher conferences to Monday, May 22. We will dismiss school at 11:30 that day in order to have the late morning and afternoon available for conferences. This means we will not have parent/teacher conferences on the last day of school, as we have in years past. Please reserve your time on the google spreadsheet that will be sent out via email. Thank you!

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to Apr 17

Easter Holidays

Happy Easter! Ambleside will not hold classes on Good Friday, April 14th or Easter Monday, April 17th. We wish you a beautiful time with your family as your reflect on the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

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12:00 PM12:00

All School Lunch

High School students will be preparing a scrumptious meal for the All School Lunch.

Also, HS will be selling pie during this time as a fund raiser for their trip to the Grand Canyon. During the All School Lunch, they will be providing pie by the slice and whole pie for a suggested donation of $3.00 a slice or $15.00 a pie. Parents can send money with their child for a slice at lunch or come between 12:20 and 1:00pm to pick up a slice or whole pie to have later at home. Contact Mr. Bowyer as soon as possible at T.Bowyer@amblesidefredericksburg.com to reserve whole pies! Join in the support of a great educational opportunity for the High School and enjoy some great pie.

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10:00 AM10:00

Pinocchio Puppet Show

  • Ambleside School of Fredericksburg (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join us for a Puppet Show created and performed by Mrs. Wise and Mrs. Ferry's 1st & 2nd grade class. Refreshments will be provided after the show in the assembly room during an exclusive Q&A for parents interested in learning more about Ambleside. Childcare will be provided

Check out the Puppet Show Flyer, great for printing out & distributing to friends and family, complete with the students' drawings of their characters.

This is going to be an adorable event! Please join us!

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12:30 PM12:30

Ambleside in Action

Ambleside students will be sharing hymns and songs from their upcoming Spring Concert with residents of multiple area retirement homes. We will begin at the Golden Hub at 11:30, then return to campus for lunch before continuing on to Knopp's Retirement and Heritage Place. Students should wear their daily uniforms and bring a lunch as usual. Parent volunteers are still needed to assist with driving students to each location. Contact Maeve if you would like to volunteer!

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1:00 PM13:00

Grandparent's Day

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