Three Questions

Kindergarten with Mrs. York:

Christina Rosetti's poem, "Love Came Down at Christmas" poses two questions: "What is Incarnation?" and "What is Divine?" Perhaps the full depths of these questions are too deep for us to fathom in one week of time together in the Kinder House, but we have pursued great discussions surrounding these questions this week as we anticipate the coming of Christmas. It is beautiful and good to see the divine in our relationship with numbers and letters, his daily incarnation amongst us! He truly is Immanuel, God with us! All around! We have also been considering Leo Tolstoy’s "Three Questions", by John Muth. He asks, “Who is the most important one?, What is the best thing to do?, and When is the right time to do things?” Although all the students claimed Jesus as "the most important one", we were able to discuss how we can honor Jesus by honoring the people who are made in his image. We put this into practice during our time at Celeste Care where we joined residents in singing carols and making cards together. During our time together, the "most important one" became the person we were with, the "right thing to do" became to talk with them and make cards with them, the "best time to do things" became right then. May we all remember to ask these simple and profound questions during our busy waiting for the advent of the Savior.