Our Town

In one month, our high school students will perform Our Town by Thornton Wilder. Before creating the cast list, building the set, and performing before an audience, the high school students read the play in order to understand the important messages that Thornton Wilder implicitly weaved in the dialogue of each character. Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs, an important couple of the play, tell us that they had never seen each other before getting married. Mr. Gibbs explained to his wife that he worried they would run out of conversation, but they never did. Even after many years of marriage, they still find conversation that bonds them together. We stopped and discussed what we can learn from two people who had an arranged marriage. We realized that sometimes people view getting married as the end goal in a relationship; we find a person we like, date, and marry! Sometimes people do not think about life after marriage but assume everything will work because two people love each other. What Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs taught us is the wedding day is only the beginning of a beautiful journey. Our happiness or goal is not about the perfect wedding but about the years and years of endless conversation and devotion we promise to give to our partner on our wedding day. The wedding is only an official start to a prosperous life of building love, a home, and a family. ~Ms. Dickens, Grades 7 &