Los Pollitos to El Colibri

"There is a subject or class of subjects which has an imperative moral claim upon us. It is the duty of the nation to maintain relations of brotherly kindness with other nations; therefore it is the duty of every family, as an integral part of the nation, to be able to hold brotherly speech with the families of other nations as opportunities arise; therefore to acquire the speech of neighbouring nations is not only to secure an inlet of knowledge and a means of culture, but is a duty of that higher morality (the morality of the family) which aims at universal brotherhood; therefore every family would do well to cultivate two languages besides the mother tongue, even in the nursery."- Charlotte Mason

From singing "los pollitos" in Kindergarten, to reciting the poem 'El Colibri' in first grade, from speaking different series in 2nd and 3rd/4th grades to unfolding the beginnings of Spanish Grammar in 5th grade, we have delightfully begun to be acquainted with the language of Spanish. Through song, recitation and conversational series, the children's eyes and minds are bright and open to the beauty of knowing and speaking a foreign language. We continue to speak and discuss how knowing Spanish creates an avenue for us to know our "foreign neighbors" and how the door of hospitality becomes an open one to our neighbors. We remain so very grateful to be exploring the world of Spanish!!

~Mrs. Acton