Bigger than the Burdens

Last week our grades 3 and 4 teacher, Ms. Jones, delivered our chapel message. She used the image of John Bunyan’s protagonist, Christian, in his allegorical novel, The Pilgrim’s Progress. Christian carries a burden throughout the text and it becomes a source of frustration and anxiety, not unlike the burdens we carry, or that our children carry. Ultimately, Ms. Jones reminded the students that we are called to lay our burdens down at the feet of the cross to capture the promise that His “yoke is easy and [His] burden is light”. As I reflected on this, I realized how important relationships are in the process of laying down our burdens. Christ’s church at Ambleside is a source of help to all of us as we not only share burdens but find reminders to lay these burdens where they belong, at the feet of the cross of Christ. I’m thankful that these relationships are bigger than the burdens we face and that you all choose life in relationship instead of fearful reactions to bearing burdens. Raising children is hard and complex. We will all need help and we will all need each other to share burdens and to help each other realize the call to lay them down. I’m thankful for you all and the help you lend to me and to each other. Thanks for living life with us at Ambleside.