Authentic Christian Education

Christ came to make all things new, to restore humanity, to make them whole. Education has the potential to be a source of grace in His redemptive work, if viewed through a proper lense. The highly competitive, education-by-the-pound, more homework = more rigor, self-paced and individualized, approaches won't cut it. Taking secular education models such as "classical", or the wayward test-heavy mandates of government won't help introduce children to the reality of their place in the cosmos. Nor will any of the above bring them to wholeness.

Whole persons are made in the opportunity to meet together, mind to mind, with their Creator, developing in relationship with all encompassing truth. Education is not simply comprised of Math, History, Science, Literature, etc. in isolated forms, but rather as cohesive, intricately woven fibers, each thread pointing to the unification of knowledge in the mind of Christ, the eternal Logos.

Cultivating this mind to mind encounter means setting a feast of ideas for our students, inviting them to the banquet, and sitting beside them while we dine together. This is education as it ought to be. It is full of grace, overflowing from the cup of creation. It is a glimpse of the garden.

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By Russ York